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Universal Motorradheber Ständer hinten

Item num.: RS17-S

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    Codice Item No. Larghezza Width Altezza Height Lunghezza Length Peso Weight RS17-S 48cm 36cm 61cm 4,1kg Dismountable rear stand complete with all adapters and supplied in an assembly box. The structure is made in three parts of steel hose which is powder painted in bright polyester black, whose diameter measures 35mm with a 2mm thickness. Inside the assembly box are placed the 4 nylon wheels, especially created on a Bike-Lift design, which have a 100mm diameter and all pins to be fixed at the frame, the two sets of supports, one with V-shape (for the motorcycles with bobbins) and one in L-shape rubber, which ensure the RS-17/S use on all kinds of sport or touring motorcycles and finally the bolts and screws to quick mount the stand